Arts Council


‘Artsmark can help unlock the potential of children and young people, help to develop character and talent, and increase their knowledge and understanding’ (Artsmark, 2015).

This year, we are working towards achieving the Gold Artsmark Status at Horn Park. We are passionate about embedding the arts within our creative curriculum, through art, dance, drama and music. Our aim in working towards the Artsmark is to further enrich the amazing provision already on offer at Horn Park.

We strongly believe that this process should be driven by the children, so have therefore set up an Arts Council. Children from across the school will work with our Arts Leader to embed and promote the arts throughout the school community.



  • Our choirs continue to be popular. We have a choir of around 40 children in years 2-3 and around 70 children in years 4-6.  Both choirs are looking forward to  performing during our summer concert.  These will take place on Tuesday 4th July at 2pm (Years 2-3) and Thursday 6th July (Years 4-6).
  • This term we have started up Horn Park Orchestra, who practise on Thursday lunchtime.  So far we have around 20 children playing instruments which include xylophones, keyboards, violins and recorders. They will perform during the summer concerts.  We hope to be able to expand to involve more children and more instruments next term.
  • Year 3 are doing very well learning the recorder.  We're enjoying 'Recorder Karate', and we've awarded lots and of White Belts, Yellow Belts and some Orange and Green Belts so far.  They will also perform in the summer concert on Tuesday 4th July at 2pm.
  • Year 5 and 6 are working hard learning songs for their summer musical 'Matilda' - taking place on Thursday 13th July (Richmond & Year 6) at 6pm and Friday 14th July (Albert & Year 6) at 1.45pm. 
  • Rocksteady continues to be popular - we have 5 different bands who practise every Wednesday morning.  We're are looking forward to hearing them play in our Rocksteady concert on Wednesday 19th July at 9.15am.
  • We have around 35 children learning to play instruments with a tutor this term - these include piano,guitar,violin,recorder and ukelele.  We're looking forward to hearing some children performing solos in the summer concerts, taking place on Tuesday 4th July at 2pm (Years 2-3) and Thursday 6th July (Years 4-6)
  • KS1 and Reception will be performing in a song sharing concert on Wednesday 12th July at 2pm.


Photography Competition

We are delighted to annouce the winner and runners-up of the photography competition: 


Conor: Year 5
Aydi: Reception
Angel: Year 2
Well done to everyone who entered! To view all the photographs, have a look at the image slideshow at the bottom of the page.

Autumn 2016

This term our new Arts Council were nominated to help drive the arts forward across the school. We met for the first time last week and discussed why the arts were important to us. We all decided that we wanted to get children in the school to experience a wide range of arts activities, and thought about how we could promote an activity linked to the digital arts. 
Finally we decided to organise a photography competition across the school. Members of the Arts Council thought about and designed their photographs for the competition linked to the quote, "Failing is just another way of growing...". They drew their ideas and next week will use cameras to take their own photos to show to the whole school in an assembly next term.
We look forward to kicking off the competition at the start of next term! Watch this space.

Summer 2016

To start off our whole school Olympics topic, each year group has taken an Olympic country as their focus for our whole school Arts Week. The children have been working hard on some fantastic art outcomes including Indian pastel tiger art in year 1, Chinese cherry blossom watercolours in year 2, and textiles and weaving in year 3. Alongside this, the children have taken part in some exciting Brazilian themed dance workshops across the week. The children have really enjoyed getting creative and immersing themselves in their new topic.

"I enjoyed learning to move like the animals in Brazil" - Aaron

"Listening to Chinese music whilst painting with watercolours was interesting. It made me calm because I was concentrating so hard!" - Mercy

This term all year groups will be working towards creating some fantastic artwork for an upcoming exhibition on 27th June. Each child in the school will contribute a piece of artwork that they are proud of, which will be professionally framed and displayed in our hall for staff and parents to see and even purchase! The children are very excited about becoming real artists and have been working hard on fantastic outcomes including dinosaur eye pastel drawings in year 4 and some lovely watercolour silhouettes in year 1. We look forward to sharing the artwork on display in June.

"When I grow up I want to be an artist and this exhibition will let me know what it's like!" - Mercy

"I'm excited to see my artwork on display and be sold." - Alla

On Monday our whole school art exhibition finally took place. Each child had worked very hard and a piece of work for every child in the school was displayed. The children took turns in to day to come and see the exhibition. It was great to see their proud faces and excitement at being part of such a special event.

From 2 o clock, the PTA arrived to support and set up drinks as the parents arrived to see our exhibition. Many pieces were sold and parents and child alike really enjoyed the event.

Spring 2016

In January we had visits from the group of musicians ‘Rocksteady’ to undertake musical workshops across the school. These taster sessions gave children the opportunity to take part in lessons to develop their skills in learning a musical instrument and understanding what is like to be a member of a band. 

"I liked hearing songs from the radio being played by a real band!" - Mercy
"I liked learning to play the keyboard. I have a real guitar at home and I've been practicing." - Summer
The school will be holding an art exhibition this term to showcase the art work that pupils have created on their whole school topic 'Greenwich Times'. The arts council had a meeting about this exhibition and what they could do to help promote the skills and learning that has happened over the term. It was decided that council members would attend the exhibition as spokespeople for their year to answer any questions that parents may have about their classes artwork and they felt that id would be needed to identify themselves to parents.
This term many of the children have focused on the video 'Austin's Butterfly' which focuses on feedback, critiquing and the importance of revising work to make improvements. The council wanted to showcase this and so decided to have a slideshow of their work, from initial sketches to completed items, shown during the event to illustrate the progress that had been made during the different stages of development. The council members will also be making an Austin's butterfly themselves at home to have on display during the exhibit. They talked about the possibility of having people attending the event to be able to provide feedback on these art pieces and choosing favourites. 
The children finally discussed music. They felt that there should be some soft background music during the exhibition but that having any musical event was not possible during this event but hoped that they could put on musical concert during the next term.
"In art the best thing to do is never give up." - Alla
"You should always keep trying with your drawings" - Brooke
"Sketching is a skill that can always be mastered" - Summer