Teaching & Learning Philosophy

At Horn Park we are continually striving to provide the best quality teaching and learning for every child in every class every day. We work collaboratively to design learning experiences that engage all learners in deeply meaningful experiences. We plan topics that have rich contexts using paintings, books and artefacts to inspire all children and we aim to bring learning to life by linking our curriculum to the real world. Learning at Horn Park goes beyond the classroom as our pupils experience a range of trips and visits linked to their topics.

Our curriculum uses the Revised National Curriculum and reflects our school values. Through our curriculum we endeavour to develop a lifelong love of learning; give opportunities to explore, question and investigate and enable all children to achieve the highest possible outcomes.


Horn Park Curriculum enables all learners to become:
• Enthusiastic and successful learners who make great progress and achieve well
• Confident individuals who know how to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
• Responsible citizens who are able to make a positive contribution to society


Horn Park Curriculum is developed around a values based learning community which:
• Promotes personal development
• Supports equality of opportunity
• Develops spiritual, moral, social, intellectual and physical growth
• Celebrates the contributions of a diverse range of people, cultures and heritages
• Develops an understanding of our relationship with the environment


The curriculum at Horn Park will:
• Promote high standards, particularly in English, maths and ICT
• Develop a wide range of skills and broaden children’s life experiences
• Provide a broad and varied learning experience in every Key Stage
• Promote a positive engagement with, and commitment to, learning
• Enable children to develop effective skills of co-operation and collaboration
• Be relevant to children and prepare them for the here and now, for the next phase of their education, and for their future
• Widen horizons and raise aspirations about the world of work and further and higher education
• Help children recognise that personal development is essential to wellbeing and success
The curriculum maps details the learning undertaken each half term from Early Years through to Year 6. Learning is designed to be memorable and cross curricular links are made to ensure all learning is meaningful. Children are immersed in the context for learning, they are actively involved in the journey and drive their learning forwards. The topics are designed to ensure there is clear progression of knowledge, skills and content across the school using the Revised National Curriculum as a start point.


  At Horn Park Primary School we aim to:
• Develop a life long love of reading
• Ensure every child is a reader
• Expose children to a wide range of texts which enrich and deepen their learning experiences
Learning takes place in a stimulating, Literacy-rich environment, where children have access to a wide range of quality texts. All classrooms have bright, stimulating and inviting book corners where children can choose from a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books. We take a creative ‘text-based’ approach to the curriculum to engage children in their learning.
At Horn Park we use the ‘Letters and Sounds’ synthetic phonics programme as the primary method of teaching reading.
‘Phonics’ involves teaching children that letters, or groups of letters, make certain sounds. Children are taught to put together or ‘build up’ the sounds for unfamiliar written words by changing letters into sounds and blending the sounds together. Alongside phonics we teach a range of strategies to develop reading and understanding including looking at the illustrations, context-based clues and deciding whether a sentence makes sense.
Further reading opportunities are provided through whole class shared reading, daily guided reading sessions and independent reading times. In addition, we are proud to provide all children with frequent access to a well-stocked school library.
We value the support parents and carers give to their children by reading regularly with them at home. We recognise the positive contribution this makes to children’s progress, attainment and enjoyment of reading.

Curriculum Overview