Red Nose Day Friday 18th March

Red Nose Day - Friday 18th March Red Nose Day is swiftly approaching!

Comic Relief is supporting many families living in poverty and using money to help provide better mental health services and access to support.

This year, School Council at Horn Park will be bringing back BREAK THE RULES DAY! Our School Council members have carefully discussed what rules to break and have decided on the following:

  • Crazy hair: spiky, new colour for the day, jazzy wig, surprise your teacher with a fresh new look!
  • Wear something red: a classic tradition of Red Nose Day
  • Eat a snack in a lesson of your choice (please ensure this is nut free): one snack can be eaten during a lesson of your choice.
  • New identity for the day: change your name, your teacher must only call you by your new name!
  • Interrupt the lesson with a stand-up routine: have your favourite joke at the ready!
  • Bring in your favourite cuddly toy: is it time for your cuddly toy to see how hard you work at school? Maybe they could help you with your maths?

50p for one rule, £1 for 3 or whatever you can give. Maximum of three rules per child. Remember, the spirit of the day is to give what you can so these donations are suggestions and children will always be welcome to join in with the day, regardless of their donation. Anything you can give will make a huge difference.

Please note: Wearing Red Nose Day merchandise is also very welcome - red noses, RND tshirts etc. It will all add to the spirit of the day and does not need an extra donation.