Comic Relief 2021

Horn Park is delighted to be taking part in Red Nose Day fundraising events this coming Friday, 19th March.


School Council have chosen a 'Break the Rules Day.' Teachers have prepared a list of rules that the children are allowed to break that day. They may vary from class to class.  We ask that you discuss with your children how many rules they would like to break and contribute 50p per rule break.



Rule breaks may include:


  • Wear odd socks
  • Crazy hair
  • Wear something red
  • Eat a snack in a lesson of your choice
  • New identity for the day
  • Interrupt the lesson with a stand-up routine
  • Bring in your favourite cuddly toy
  • Say goodbye to lockdown hair with a snazzy hat!


Please note it is completely up to you as parents/carers to decide how many rules they can break, just make sure their teacher is aware and money is handed in on the day. 


We think it is really important to promote the visibility of charities, but also for you to set the amount in which your child will spend. This is an optional event, children are still welcome to wear Red Nose Day t-shirts, and we have other events planned that will be fully inclusive.