Horn Park Primary School’s was last inspected by Ofsted in June 2014 and we recieved a very positive appraisal, highlighting the excellent progress we have made since the previous inspection.

Here are just some quotes from the report:
  • 'Key to the improvements has been the visionary leadership of the executive headteacher, headteacher and consultant leader.’
  • ‘The school’s theme-based curriculum has had a positive impact on how well     pupils learn and progress and their enjoyment of lessons.’
  • ‘Pupils’ behaviour is consistently good. They have good attitudes to learning, enjoy their lessons and are always engaged.’
  • ‘Children ‘make rapid progress in the Nursery and Reception classes because of good provision’.
  • ‘Teachers typically provide work that stretches these pupils and makes them think for themselves.’
  • ‘All groups of pupils succeed and make good progress during their time in the school, demonstrating the school’s unswerving commitment to equality of opportunity.’
  • ‘Teaching is enhanced by the high quality of display in classrooms and around the school.’