Google Meet Times

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we move into a period of partial school closure, most children will be engaging in learning from home. It is important that during periods of time away from school, children have access to quality learning opportunities and benefit from engagement with their teachers and friends online in order to make progress. We understand the need for regular contact with teachers and friends so have increased the number of Google Meets.




Teachers will upload lessons to Google Classroom by the start of every school day for your children to complete and submit. They will acknowledge work and give feedback where appropriate. Tutorial videos will be submitted by teachers in order to support children.

Teachers will be available on Google Classroom to answer written questions from children every afternoon. These can be submitted through assignments or on the main class thread.

If there is something that you or your child have particularly struggled with, please feel free to request a personal phone call.

We know that the idea of supporting your child’s learning can seem daunting. It is important to remember that our online learning provision is designed to support you so your child’s progress can be led remotely through the expertise of their teacher. The most important aspect for parents is the relationship that you already have with your child, this will enable you to support, give plenty of encouragement and reassure them during the time they are learning from home.

Plan out the day with your child and allow plenty of break times with shared activities, including getting fresh air. Children are expected to complete the work on Google Classroom every day as they would do so in school. If your child is unable to complete work due to illness, please inform the school as you normally would. If you require support accessing any aspect of Google Classroom, please see our website for tutorial videos or you can call the school any time during the school day or email the contact address .

If you require a laptop for your child to work on, we have laptops to loan. Please contact the school by phone or email and we will arrange one for you.

It is really important that we work together during these periods to ensure our children can continue to make progress when away from school so we thank you in advance for everything you are doing to support learning from home. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

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