School Closed Friday 18th December 2020

Changes to the end of term – School closed on Friday 18th December

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you will no doubt be aware, yesterday the government made an announcement suggesting that schools could close to children at the end of the day on Thursday 17th December.

Their reasoning for this was to ensure the period of contract tracing that schools are still required to undertake does not have to take place on Christmas Eve. In view of this and in line with all Greenwich schools, the term will end on Thursday 17th December and school will be closed to pupils on Friday 18th December. Staff will be expected to undertake remote training on this day.

We apologise for the late timing of this decision. Again, we are reliant on timing of guidance in all matters related to Covid 19.

Can I please take this opportunity to remind you that there will be a 48- hour contact window for anyone who has symptoms and goes on to develop Covid 19. This means that if anyone in a bubble develops symptoms before 3.30pm on the evening of Saturday 19th December, the whole bubble would be required to isolate. With this in mind, please ensure you inform the school if your child develops a confirmed case of COVID 19.

Please do this via Likewise, we would also be required to inform you if a member of staff in your child’s bubble is diagnosed with Covid 19 within this period.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and patience over this term. Like you, we all hope that we can all enjoy the festive period as best we can within the current circumstances.