Summer 2 Year Group Newsletters

Welcome back to the Summer 2 term!

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We are fortunate to belong to the Compass Partnership of Schools, which means that we have many skilled teachers who can work together to provide high quality learning for your children. With this in mind, we have chosen to collaborate as a whole Trust. This enables the teachers to share their knowledge experience and ideas and make some exciting learning available for your children. This means that some of the learning set on Google Classroom – including lessons delivered via Loom links – will sometimes be from another experienced teacher in your childs year group, who happens to work for a different Compass School. As always, we will continue to be available to answer questions about all of this work, regardless of which teacher has created it, via Google Classroom.

Every day you will continue to be set a maths, writing and reading activity. Throughout the week there will also be activities set for foundations subjects, including History and Geography. Remember to ‘turn in’ your assignments so that we can see your amazing learning! 

Example timetable


In addition to this, each class has their own ‘google meets’ slot. This is an opportunity to have some face to face time with your teacher and class to discuss your learning. There will be a link posted on your google classroom for you to follow for each session. For safeguarding purposes, these sessions will be recorded. If you wish to opt out of this, please contact the school.  

We will continue to contact you by phone to have a catch up but if you have any more immediate questions the school office is open to take phone calls during normal school hours.   

Thank you for your continued support during this time. We are so proud of how dedicated our children have been to their learning.