Dyslexia Provision


Cedars Class is a specialist provision within Horn Park Primary School which provides support to children who may struggle with the challenge of a specific learning difficulty in the mainstream classroom (mainly dyslexia and dyslexia type difficulties). Cedars class provides children with a multi-sensory learning environment where they can build their skills of reading, writing and spelling which works alongside their learning in the classroom.


The team is also able to carry out full diagnostic assessments to children who we believe show indicators of dyslexia.

Children visit Cedars on a weekly basis to work on their specific targets. They use a variety of different multi-sensory methods to help improve their reading, writing and spelling skills. They are taught methods that they transfer into the classroom.

Which children benefit?

· Have a dyslexia diagnosis

· Need extra support with a specific aspect of learning e.g. spelling

· Need extra support with reading