Red Nose Day Friday 15th March

As you know, it is Red Nose Day on Friday 15th March. Red Nose Day is a fundraising event run by Comic Relief that takes places every two years. Comic Relief is a UK charity, which aims to create a world which is free from poverty.

We have decided to get involved and help to raise money for this incredible cause. To do this, we will be inviting all children and adults to wear their own clothes including something red.
We ask for a donation of £1 for those who wish to take part, in order to raise money for this important cause. The money raised by us will be spent by Comic Relief to help people living extremely tough lives, both at home in the UK and across the world's poorest countries.
To learn more about how Comic Relief spends the money raised for Red Nose Day, please visit We really appreciate your support and hope that you will have fun helping our school raise money for Comic Relief.