Science Teaching & Learning at Horn Park

The teaching of science offers pupils the ability to obtain a wealth of knowledge and information, which will contribute to an overall understanding of how and why things work like they do; both in the natural environment and that are created through the application of science.

Children are inherently curious and at Horn Park we have worked hard to develop an exciting, hands on curriculum that provides children with the opportunity to nurture their curiosity (see curriculum map). Where possible, our Science curriculum is linked to the year group topics to ensure that learning is contextualised. As a result of science learning, children will be prepared to deal more effectively with wider decision making and problem solving in their daily lives.

National Curriculum

Principles of Science

Teachers, pupils and parents of Horn Park have given their thoughts on the statement ‘Science teaching and learning is good when…’ Using the feedback, Horn Park has created their ‘Principles of Science’ to ensure that all teaching demonstrates at least one of these principles. Our ‘Principles of Science’ can be found below.


  • Children design their own learning that is based around their want and desire to explore.
  • Learning is practical
  • Learning is engaging and makes children continue to wonder outside of the lesson.


Working Scientifically

Children are encouraged to think and work scientifically, which is a major part of the new curriculum and is at the heart of every science topic. At Horn Park we see investigations as the driving force of science teaching and learning. Pupils learn to use a variety of approaches to answer relevant scientific questions including: observing over time; pattern seeking; identifying, classifying and grouping; comparative and fair testing (controlled investigations); and researching using secondary sources.


Year 4 have set up an 'eggciting' 'eggsperiment' on the impact certain drinks have on our teeth. We will be checking how the eggs change in each liquid

Blackfriars in Year 5 are carrying out an investigation on lung capacity in science

Lambeth Class in Year 4 were classifying things that use electricity in their Science lesson  and creating circuits


The budding scientists of Poplars Class in Year 2 are intrigued by how quickly our cress and peas are growing and observing the life cycle of the Butterfly!


Blackfriars in Year 6 learned about the visible spectrum today

Westminster in Year 6 exploring how light is reflected by shiny surfaces

Elms class in Year 1 went to the Greenwich Ecology Park as part of their Science learning on plants


We are proud of our Science learning and we like to celebrate this as much as possible by producing creative displays, both in the classroom and in the corridors.




After School Club

During our after school club, children have fun completing exciting hands on experiments.