We believe every child has the right to a high quality music education and that the skills children develop through music have a hugely positive impact on many other areas of life and learning.

Singing forms a core part of what we do. All children take part in a weekly singing assembly and have music lessons with their class, in which many areas of musicianship (such as listening, notation, composition) are taught through songs and singing games. 

All children in years 2-6 have the opportunity to sing as part of a choir. Our choirs work towards performances both in and out of school. Recent performances out of school have included the Music for Youth Festival at Southbank Centre, singing for residents at a local care home, singing carols at local train stations to raise money for charity, and visiting Deansfield school to sing together with their choir.



We give every child at Horn Park the opportunity to learn basic skills on an instrument through 2 terms of 'taster lessons' with their class. Currently, all children in year 3 learn the recorder and all children in year 4 learn the violin. Children play short concerts each term to share what they have been learning with their families.


Many children and families choose to continue or start learning an instrument with a tutor, either individually or in small groups. Currently, instruments we are able to provide tuition for at school are:

- Piano / Keyboard

- Guitar

- Violin

- Ukulele

- Recorder

Lessons take place during the school day, and are taught by our music specialist teacher or by a visiting instrumental tutor. To sign up for a term of instrumental lessons, an application form must be sent to the school office before the end of the previous term (December for Spring term, March for Summer term, July for Autumn term). An application form is available to download from the website or from the school office towards the end of each term. 



We believe that children can experience the enjoyment and satisfaction of performing as part of a group right from the very first stages of learning an instrument. We run an orchestra which takes place during one lunchtime per week – this is open to children in years 3-6, regardless of whether they are currently having tuition on an instrument. We also run a recorder club for children in year 4+ who wish to continue learning to a higher level after their lessons in year 3.


We work with the organisation Rocksteady who provide the opportunity for children from reception to year 6 to take part in a rock band lesson once per week and perform in a concert at the end of each term. For more information on how to sign up for rock band lessons, visit the Rocksteady website -