This Week's Learning

Nursery: This week in literacy, we have been reading the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ and discussing the different emotions expressed throughout the story. We then used role play to recreate key events in from the story. In Maths, we have been counting different jungle animals and using our knowledge of number to represent the quantity using our fingers or by matching to the numeral.
Reception: In Literacy this week we have been reading the book ‘How to Grow a Dinosaur’. The children have enjoyed listening to the story and discussing what their favourite part was and why. In Maths the children have been learning about weight. We have been using scales to identify which item is heavier than another.
Year 1: We have started our English learning this week focusing on our topic 'All about me.' On Monday we took part in a 'Let's Think' Lesson. The children were shown pages from the book 'Who done it?' and had to discuss in groups and explain why the knew the answers to the questions. Over the week, we built on the idea of different emotions and how we can tell how people are feeling. We recorded this in our books, focusing on our sentence structure and including conjunctions. Our Maths focus this week has been on Number. We have revisited using number lines to both add and subtract numbers. We also explore ordinal numbers and the children enjoyed ordering themselves in the correct order. We have revisited the seasons in Science this week and compared the differences between autumn and winter. We drew trees to represent the different seasons and wrote sentences to describe them.
Year 2: Welcome back everyone. We have had an exciting week this week, exploring our new book corners and starting our new English text, Matilda. We started the week talking about a love of reading and our favourite authors, we have even written them letters and we hope they will reply soon. In Maths, we have been recapping the four operations and the different strategies we can use for them. We have also started our new Science topic, Food Chains. We are really excited to learn more about different animals.
Year 3: Happy New Year! This week we’ve dived into our new text in English, ‘Beegu’, and explored how we can empathise with characters in difficult scenarios- surely we are all equal?! In Maths, we’ve been continuing with our multiplication and division knowledge; using it to solve missing number problems and using the inverse to check calculations. We have also begun to learn how to use the grid method to solve larger multiplication problems- through the use of dienes, drawing and writing numbers. We are also continuing to work on our times tables, so please encourage us to use Times Tables Rockstars whenever we can!
Year 4: This week we have started our new topic, This is Me, with an art project around each child. We discussed themes such as Sens of Love and Safety and the children added key words and images to their project. In Literacy, we have started to build the vocabulary we will need to write out poems next week and have use the book, And Tango Makes Three as the focus. In Maths, we have consolidated and developed our reasoning around place value.
Year 5: This week we have started a lot of new topics. Our new topics include learning all about the Ancient Mayans in history, writing a recount in the form of a police report about a robbery at The British Museum, and designing replacement Mayan masks in art. In maths we learnt how to read and write in Roman Numerals, and we were even able to solve problems written in them! As well as this, we have learnt all about negative numbers and how to use them in context. In Science we have begun learning all about living things. This includes learning about the different classes of living creatures and how we can classify them.
Year 6: This week we have begun to look at our text Wonder. We have been looking in particular at the character of Julian and have begun to write a section of the story from his point of view – thinking about his personality characteristics. In Maths, we have been re-capping over how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000 and about decimals and addition and subtraction. In Science, we have begun to plan an investigation into heart rate and in R.E we have started our topic of Unity and Equality looking at stereotypes and prejudice.
Sycamore Class: In Literacy we have continued our learning about the ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’. This week we are decorating real shoes and using language, symbols and writing skills to describe them in a letter to the elves. In Maths we have been learning about subtraction through interactive and sensory activities. Additionally, we have been practicing independent learning on the Ipads by playing subtraction games. In Science we enjoyed exploring the hot and cold sensations by melting coloured ice blocks with warm water.
Millennium Class: This week in Literacy we have started exploring our new text, which is focused on the whole school topic of ‘This is me.” Our chosen book is ‘The Rainbow Fish.’ We have been exploring different emotions, looking at how the different characters felt in the story. In maths, our focus is looking at properties of common 2d shapes. We are also looking at objects around us and identifying their properties too. We have started our new Geography topic of the Five Oceans, and will begin to explore what lives beneath.