This Week's Learning

Nursery: In literacy this week we have been reading the story ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ and predicting what may happen to the Pirates as they begin their quest to find the missing underpants. In Maths this week, we have been counting different amounts of underpants and matching to the number before practicing forming the number.
Reception: This week in reception has been very exciting. We had a visit from a librarian called Petra, we read and shared our favourite books with her. In Maths we have been singing number songs and practicing our shapes. We have also enjoyed a dance lesson with Mr Bowes.
Year 1: In English this week, we have continued to look at the story of ‘Leon and place between’. We have been using our imaginations to think of wonderful and exciting places the magical box could transport us and then turning these into sentences. Our Maths this week has focused on number sequences and finding the missing numbers. We have played lots of different games to practise our counting and place value skills. We have continued learning about plants in Science and this week we have been looking at different types of plants – some of us were surprised that trees are plants!
Year 2 : In English this week, we have been focussing on the use of descriptive and emotive language in our writing. We have explored the settings of Kansas and Munchkinland, compared them and written descriptions of both settings using adjectives and conjunctions. In our Maths learning, we have been demonstrating our understanding of number by looking at partitioning in different ways, and using our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to explore how to make 20 and 100. We have also been thinking about how to find missing numbers in a sequence using our counting and number knowledge. Science this week has seen us looking at seeds and looking at the plants that certain seeds grow into. We noticed that not all big plants grow from big seeds!
Year 3: We have kicked off Year 3 with some amazing descriptive vocabulary exploration using the book, ‘How to Live Forever’! In the book, we met the Ancient Child, who had read the book and now can never grow old. We created expanded noun phrases to describe his appearance and emotions: ‘his dejected face’ and ‘his unhappy eyes’ are just a few awesome examples. We are working towards writing a letter to Peter, persuading him not to read the book! In Math's, we have been revisiting our knowledge of place value using a variety of practical resources to visualise the value of each digit in the numbers we were making. We’ve been challenging ourselves to see ‘0’ as a place holder in some 3 digit numbers! In Science, we have begun our new topic into ‘powerful plants’ but planning our experiment that will look at what a plant needs to survive!
Year 4 :In Maths this week, the children have been using their place value knowledge to find out what is 10,100 and 1000 more and less than a given number. The children were given the opportunity to then use their reasoning skills when faced with problem solving questions. At the end of the week, the children began to work on Roman Numerals. This week in Literacy, the children have been writing more of their diary entries as Lucy from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. They also focused on peer assessing and editing their work in order to uplevel their vocabulary.
Year 5: It has been an incredibly exciting start to the year in Albert and Richmond class. We have dived straight into our new text of ‘Jumanji’ and have used this to inspire ideas in our writing. The children have made interesting comparisons between the beginnings of the 1993 version of the film against the book, noticing how the detail, characters and settings are different. In maths we have been focussing on place value, looking at numbers of up to 1,000,000!
Year 6: In Maths this week we have been learning about and investigating negative numbers. We are thoroughly enjoying our book Noah Barleywater Runs Away and this week, have begun to plan our own stories based on the storyline and character situations in the book, but using our own invented characters. In history we have been further looking into the causes of World War 1 which is linking well to our Poppies topic in Art. We are loving our outdoor PE sessions!
Sycamore Class: We have been busy exploring the brand new classroom and settling into the new routines. Monday, we had a special visit, a Ferret! This is part of the Science Topic. This term in literacy we will be reading traditional tales. Our first story is the Gingerbread man. In sycamore we like messy activities and have been using flour, cinnamon and ginger among other materials to experience the story with our senses. The children have been using the sentence “run, run as fast as you can you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man” while running in the playground. In maths we have been practicing counting to twenty. In doing so we listen to and sing number songs. We have also been practicing taking turns while playing interactive games counting the gingerbread man’s buttons and match to the correspondent number. Last Friday we really enjoyed going to park with the millennium class as part of our social learning and had a great time at our first forest school session. We will be going again this week as well to going to the local shop to get the ingredients to bake our own gingerbread man next week.