This Week's Learning

Nursery: In Literacy this week we have been reading the story ‘Welcome to Alien School’. We started the week by describing the key features of the different aliens in the story before creating our own aliens and writing key words to describe them. In maths we have been ordering the different aliens from the text using different criteria such as from shortest to tallest and shortest to longest.
Reception: In Literacy this week we are reading the book ‘Beegu’. The children have been writing about how Beegu is feeling when he gets to planet Earth.In Maths we have been learning how to share. We practised in small groups using raisins. We had to make sure that everyone had an equal amount. In Art we collaged our own Beegu character.
Year 1: In English this week we have been writing poems about aliens. We have writing sentences describing what they look like, how they moved and how we thought they were feeling. In Maths we have been finding halves and quarters of shapes, objects and numbers. In PE we have been practicing our throwing and catching skills to help us in preparation for playing tennis and cricket.
Year 2:In English this week, we have taken a trip back in time to 1666. We experienced the Great Fire of London through role play and have written letters to our friends explaining what happened, how we felt and what we hoped would happen in the future. We used exciting verbs, suffix words and first person voice in our writing this week. Our letters really are great! We have been exploring shapes this week. We started the week with a shape hunt around the room. We then started to recall our knowledge of 2D shapes and then 3d. Following our space theme in maths we have made a rocket using 3D shapes.
Year 3: This week in Maths children have been continuing their learning on fractions, they have been thinking about finding fractions of different amounts by dividing by the bottom number and multiplying by the top number. In English, children have been finishing their bee report. They have thought about the importance of an effective closing paragraph and what information is needed. The children focussed on using connectives and a range of fronted adverbials to make their writing more interesting. In science this week the children have been exploring different magnets. They have looked at the strength of magnets and how this varies with different materials.
Year 4: In Literacy this week, the children have been writing their diary entry as Gromit from Wallace and Gromit. They role played the events to generate language to use in each stage of the diary write up and they focused on using fronted adverbials to say where action was taking place and using present perfect tense. In Math, the children have been recapping on their knowledge of perimeter and area looking at regular and irregular shapes. They have focused on the math skills (four operations, inverse) needed to problem solve when information is missing from a problem. In science, our gardening club children have kept the rest of the year group informed on how our plants are growing in the school garden. We have consolidated our knowledge on what living things need in order to survive (MRS GREN).
Year 5: This week we have been creating factfiles for our developmental milestones up to age 12 in Science. In English, we have been planning our persuasive letter based on Sophie and Charles’s situation and them fleeing to Paris. In Maths, we have been concentrating on measures and converting between millimetres, centimetres metres and kilometres. Homework: Use the following link to refresh your memories about finding area and perimeters.
Year 6: This week the children have been working incredibly hard in their SATS tests. They have all come to school with positive attitudes and tried their hardest on every single question they have encountered. They have been determined and resilient and all the staff are really proud of every single one of them.
Sycamore Class: We have continued to explore our text ‘No Bot – The Robot with no Bottom’. This week we have been making our own characters up which could be in the story. We’ve had a pig with no nose and a bird with no arm! In Maths we have been using our knowledge of money in addition problems.