Healthy School

Being healthy is really important, so as a school we are supporting children to make positive choices about nutrition and exercise. We are encouraging children to have a balanced packed lunch with a variety of fresh fruit and healthy alternatives to foods that contain high levels of sugar and fat. To help children achieve their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day the school have introduced a fruit tuck shop that will be available to students once a week. 

We are also planning a parent workshop on healthy food alternatives and healthy pack lunches so please look out for further information regarding this.

More information about healthy living is available at Change 4 Life.

Here are two examples of a healthy lunch:



Healthy Schools London

Horn Park has recently received the Healthy Schools London Bronze award, and we are currently working towards the Silver award.

Being a healthy school does not only involve learning experiences with growing and cooking a selection of healthy foods. It is also about our support of physical activity seen by our successful sports teams who regularly participate in a range of tournaments within the borough.

Our playgrounds regularly have activities and games at play and lunchtimes to encourage children to be physically active. The trim trails offer

 children the opportunity to develop their gross motor skills, and experiment with different ways of moving. The children also receive at least two hours of PE each week.

Through the use of our dedicated and caring staff, our pupils’ emotional health and wellbeing is supported. Our 

Nuture group supports both children’s social and wellbeing needs, Working in partnership with families we regularly host coffee mornings where parents can meet with a range of professionals including speech and language therapists.

With the use of our new kitchen we are going to begin hosting parent cookery workshops, where parents are provided with the opportunity to share healthy and tasty recipes.  Also we will be setting up a healthy lifestyles working party where we will be working closely with parents in creating a list of healthy alternatives to foods with high sugar and fat content.


Our School Council is currently sharing ideas of how we can promote healthy lifestyles across the school. KS2 children will be allowed to bring in a piece of fruit and a bottle of water each day. At the end of the week we will be weighing which class has eaten the most fruit, and they will be awarded with the title of healthiest class in Horn Park. 

Summer 2016

This term the children have been enjoying the fruit pots that they can purchase from the fruit tuck shop every week. 

“It is delicious!”- Harrison  

This week has been Healthy Eating Week at Horn Park. To start the week, children learnt about what made a 'healthy meal' by exploring the quantities of different food groups that you would have on an ideal plate. Children have visited the allotments to prepare the soil for vegetable and herb seeds, and contributed to their 8 glasses of water a day, by drinking 'detox' water that contained fresh lemon, lime and cucumber.​ The children ended the week by making delicious smoothies!