Forest School

What is Forest School?


Forest School uses the outdoors to help children learn. Through small achievable tasks children grow in confidence and self esteem and children's independence is promoted. 


Background to Forest School

Forest School has its roots in scandinavia and is based on a desire to use the outdoor to facilitate learning. The ethos of Forest School is child-led work.


Why does it work?

It works because it is fun and is child-led and activities are based on children's interests, skills, learning styles and schemes are noted and observed during sessions. Children learn the importance of boundaries and gain an understanding and experience the outdoors.


Why go outside?


​Good outdoor play benefits all children as they think, feel and act. Forest School improves communication, confidence, cooperation happiness, fewer coughs and colds. It is a calm and purposeful atmosphere where sense are stimulated and is a holistic experience for all.


Session Characteristics 


Sessions are about 2 hours long, they are carefully planned with well brief adults who support and encourage learning. It is child led with little fixed equipment and where there are established start and finished routines to the sessions which occur all year round in all weather, except extreme weather conditions.



Timetable for Forest School


Nursery Tuesday Mornings
Sycamore Wednesday Mornings
Reception Thursday Mornings
Year 1 On rotation each term on Wednesday afternoons
Year 2 On rotation each term on Monday afternoons

Autumn 2016

This year, children in KS1 will have the fantastic opportunity to visit the forest school, located in Reception, every week. The forest school offers all learners the opportunity to develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a natural, woodland environment. The children will be given the chance to explore and discover the outdoors, and develop a strong, positive relationship with the natural world. They will learn to experience appropriate risk and challenge, as well as work in a team to discover the marvels, potential and challenges of the natural world through all the seasons. 


"I’m making a bird feeder for the bird. They like it with seeds and some sticky lard." - Leo describing his bird feeder

“I liked climbing and swinging. I was happy. I liked jumping off by myself” -  Abdulkareem loved climbing the trees