Core Priorities 2016-17

To embed teaching approaches across the school that develop children’s abilities to explicitly think about how they learn, and their ability to recognise, articulate and adapt thinking
To embed growth mindset principles throughout the school, developing a resilient learning community with high aspirations for all learners
To develop specialist provision that provides quality first learning experiences to ensure that the needs of all children are met and good progress is made.
To engage new leaders in high quality professional coaching and learning so that they are able to lead the whole school community towards outstanding
To ensure the wider curriculum and specialist teaching enhances learning experiences for all children and promotes high attainment in all areas
To effectively engage parents in the life of the school so that they fully understand the values and principles that support outstanding learning
To increase children’s knowledge of healthy lifestyles, developing them both mentally and physically, improving their understanding of nutrition and mindfulness
To develop a professional community of learners where CPD, research, coaching and mentoring supports the development of teaching and learning for all children
To develop a respectful and tolerant school community through embedding the PHSE curriculum and achieving the anti bullying quality mark
To establish high quality science provision across the school, creating robust formative assessment systems that ensure progression